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Contour Light


Contour Light is used to slim, shape and tone all areas of the body without surgery or pain. It is exceptionally effective in targeting the excessive fat stores, those areas of the body that are most resistant to diet and exercise i.e. hips, thighs, buttock and abdomen.

Contour Light uses light emitting diodes that produce a very specific wave length band of light at a very high dose rate which is absorbed through the skin into the fat tissue.

Contour Light works via “cell signaling” in order to stimulate a normal process the body already does known as (lipolysis), when the body burns fat as fuel. Typically lipolysis occurs through either diet or exercise causing the fat cell to dump its fat. During the Contour Light session light energy causes your fat cells to open up and release their contents, leaving those cells deflated (from the size of a grape to raisin) and reducing the circumference of the treated area. The fat content can then be moved through the lymphatic system and eliminated through the waste systems of the body.


Contour Light is an excellent alternative to liposuction or cool sculpting. There is no pain, no bruising, no heat, no discomfort, no recovery time. Contour Light is completely safe, 100% natural, affordable and relaxing. We can treat any area of your body you would like to have reduced in size. Results can be seen right away with more substantial inch/ weight loss becoming increasingly more dramatic with continued use over time.

Inch-Loss Member Pricing

Two Monthly Session :: $22.00/mo. Contour Light or Infrared Sauna

• 50% off inch loss pricing

• $20.00 inch loss single session (reg. $40.00)

• Free Hydration Station

• 50% off all UV single session pricing

• $15.00 Pura Sunless single spray (reg. $30.00)

• 50% off skin fitness (Omnilux and Red Light Bed)

• 15% product discount

• No perk calendar discounts & no prize wheel spins

Inch-Loss Program Pricing

Contour Light or Jade Sauna Pod (includes free whole body vibration)

Single Sessions :: $40.00

5 Sessions :: $150.00

10 Sessions :: $250.00

15 sessions :: $300.00 (weekly payments accepted)

6 Week Unlimited Contour Light OR Sauna Pod :: $400.00

6 Week Unlimited BOTH (recommended!) :: $500.00

$75.00 one time Doctor consultation (recommended)

*All Members Take 50% off Program Pricing!

All Memberships Include ::

FREE Weekly Hydration Station!

• 50% off all UV upgrades

• Free Hydration Station

• $15 PURA Sunless (normally $30

   for a single spray)

• 50% off Inch-Loss Program Pricing

• 25-50% off Spa & Skin Fitness Pricing

• 10-20% Product Discount

• Perk Calendar Discounts

• Monthly Prize Wheel Spin (seasonal)

Jade Sauna Pod

This is not your ordinary infrared sauna! At Sun Splash Spa we have taken the experience a step further by including jade stones along the entire length of the sauna, affixed to a cushioned surface. What you will feel as you stretch out, is deeply soothing warmth that immediately relaxes those stressed back muscles. Jade is known as the “healer’s stone” whose properties have been known to sharpen your mental alertness and decrease stress which is a must for any anti-aging program. Unlike any other infrared sauna, our jade infrared sauna is also equipped with both “near” and “far” infrared so that you receive full infrared spectrum. The near infrared provides a more topical relaxing heat while the far infrared penetrates deeper into the muscles giving you a greater sense of relaxation.

The Best Infrared Sauna

Our infrared sauna is unlike any other because your head is comfortably outside allowing you to feel more relaxed as your body works up the perspiration that expels toxins from your system. Other infrared sauna booths become uncomfortable because the entire body is enclosed and becomes overheated, reducing the amount of time you can spend in the infrared sauna. Why not relax and enjoy our jade infrared sauna while reducing noxious chemicals and heavy metals that we are exposed to in our environment.

The jade infrared sauna’s rays warm the body from the inside out. That’s why the infrared sauna has such an immensely relaxing and pain-relieving effect. The infrared spectrum also has a profound positive effect on the immune system because of its detoxifying action on the body. Detoxification is essential for optimal health.

Lose Weight

Best of all, you burn calories in the Infrared Jade Sauna – up to 600 calories in a single session! Add this as part of your weight loss program and reach your goals faster.

Clinical research in Japan has shown infrared saunas to significantly relieve or totally eliminate the following conditions*:

  • Muscular-Skeletal Challenges

  • Circulatory Problems (Blood Pressure

  • Digestive Disturbances

  • Skin Conditions

  • Infections

  • Scar Tissue

  • Menopause and Menstrual Discomfort

  • Sleep Disturbance

  • Brain Injuries

  • Ulcers

  • Cancer Pain

  • Stagnant Lymph

  • Effects of Toxic Electromagnetic Fields


What Are Your Challenges?

Physicians are often stumped by today’s common ailments, like persistent headaches, fibromyalgia, unexplained weight gain, mood swings, irritability, lack of concentration, sleep disturbance and many other related conditions.

Many ailments can be attributed to the fast pace and daily struggles of 21st century living and exposure to numerous toxins in the air, water and the food supply.

In our society we further expose ourselves to the toxic side effects from the massive consumption of prescription and over-the-counter drugs. It’s no wonder our lives are on toxic overload and our bodies are struggling. Now you can help manage your stress by utilizing our infrared jade stone sauna.

Create an Island of Peace and Deep Relaxation in a Stressful World Nestled in warmth, you blissfully let all your cares go as toxins are being expelled from your body through perspiration. What you will feel as you stretch out, is deeply soothing warmth that immediately relaxes those stressed back muscles. This is unlike other saunas that often feel uncomfortable as your body overheats. In our infrared sauna your head remains unexposed to the heat allowing you to lie down and often fall asleep.

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