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OMNILUX Red Light Phototherapy

Omnilux has both a rejuvenating and anti-inflammatory effect on the skin and is proven to increase cellular energy (atp). This kick start effect restores healthy cellular function, creating cellular renewal. This light energy is also highly absorbed by the fibroblast cells at the base layer of the dermis. The fibroblasts uptake nutrients and produce structural proteins. In this hyper energized state (which lasts up to 72 hours post treatment) collagen synthesis is restored to the production of a person age 20. A 633 nm (red light) is also proven to stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic flow to eliminate toxins, accelerate healing and calm the skin. 633 nm is proven to stimulate the mechanisms responsible for tissue repair and regeneration.

Independent clinical studies on Omnilux reported a 75% improvement in skin smoothness and wrinkle reduction. Omnilux is also commonly used for other applications including acne (anti inflammatory), the visible signs of photo damage / hyper pigmentation and rosacea, to accelerate wound healing from post surgical procedures and for the treatment of certain non-melanoma skin cancers.

The 20 minute treatments are non invasive. There is no downtime or pain issues and no unwanted side effects. A 9 treatment protocol is recommended consisting of 3 Omnilux revive treatments for 3 treatment weeks. Improvements continue to be seen after light treatments have ended. A follow up appointment 12 weeks after the final light therapy session is recommended. Omnilux is used as an adjunct with fillers, microdermabrasion and other skin treatments. Omnilux was developed after 12 years of extensive medical research and is used at Sun Splash for cosmetic purposes only.

All Memberships Include ::

OMNILUX Red Light Skin Fitness Phototherapy

FREE Weekly Hydration Station!

• 50% off all UV upgrades

• Free Hydration Station

• $15 PURA Sunless (normally $30

   for a single spray)

• 50% off Inch-Loss Program Pricing

• 25-50% off Spa & Skin Fitness Pricing

• 10-20% Product Discount

• Perk Calendar Discounts

• Monthly Prize Wheel Spin (seasonal)

Skin Fitness Member Pricing

Omnilux Member Pricing

Skin Fitness Maintenance :: $22.00/mo.* Two monthly Omnilux Phototherapy Sessions 

(sessions roll-over @sunsplash's discretion)

• 50% off skin fitness (Omnilux & Red Light Bed)

• Free Hydration Station

• $15.00 Pura Sunless single spray (reg. $30.00)

• 50% off inch loss pricing

• 50% off all UV single session pricing

• 10% product discount

• No perk calendar discounts & no prize wheel spins

Red Light Bed

Just $10/month unlimited when added to existing membership

One month unlimited :: $40.00


4 Sun Points


All members can add Red Light Bed for $10.00/mo.

Skin Fitness Non-Member Pricing

Omnilux Phototherapy Pricing*

Single session :: $40.00

6 week program :: $300.00 (add microderm - recommended)

*All members 50% off above prices

Red Light Bed

Single Sessions :: $10.00

One month unlimited :: $40.00

All members can add on Red Light Bed for $10.00/mo.


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