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PURA Sunless

(non-member pricing)

Pura Sunless is the Rolls Royce of Automated Spray Tanning! This heat infused booth produces perfect, gorgeous color that last for 10-14 days using Air Brush type spray technology without the technician! You'll leave with beautiful-flawless color, completely dry And.. with your modesty fully in tact!

Pura sunless uses massive blowers and a powerful heated spray system that forcefully infuse fine viscosity luxury sunless and skin care products into the skin. Each custom spray session begins by applying a “prep” spray to neutralize skins ph balance for better, darker and longer lasting color. Your sunless session is then applied using your choice of one or combination of three “color match” sunless products. All solutions are pre-warmed for improved comfort and each spray is then followed by a drying session. The end result is the most exciting and satisfying sunless experience possible!

The pura experience literally provides over 100 custom combinations of skin care and sunless applications for every skin type including a moisturizing spray which adds a glow to the skin following your sunless spray session. The Pura experience also offers skin brightening treatments which effectively inhibit the production of pigment in the skin for a lighter/ brighter skin tone.

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